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I wanted to share with you a wonderful blog post from our FIT4MOM Corporate page. We usually get so overwhelmed with our new little that our own needs are put to the side. This blog is a great reminder that we need to take care of ourselves too.

Five Postpartum Needs Via Kimberly Johnson, Author of The Fourth Trimester


23, MAY 2018

If you're pregnant, in the postpartum period of life, or are reading this and have a mama friend who needs some comfort and TLC, go pick up a copy of Kimberly Johnson's book, The Fourth Trimester. It is an incredible resource and must-have book for any and all mamas. Johnson dives into motherhood, cultural traditions, and what new moms truly need in the "fourth trimester" (even for moms like me who have toddlers - the info is so. good. and applicable to all mamas, no matter what stage of motherhood they're in - but it's especially essential for...


Ok, so I am sure many of you have had this conversation with some, the classic debate on leggings.... Are they pants?

Well I say, HELL YEAH they are pants! I wear them for every occasion, especially now that they make work appropriate and dressy leggings! So today I decided to write about of some of the best and worst legging experiences I have had.

Let's start with some leggings FAILS, like serious fails. I bought a pair of leggings from FiveBelow and they are not meant to stretch, They do stretch very well and they are super comfortable but every time they stretch they turn white. EEEK ... not a good look. Walmart, ok so I bought a cheap cloth not workout fabric leggings and they were so comfortable and i thought they looked good. Until, one day my husband told me, a year later, that when I bend over you can see everything...EVERYTHING! So yeah, to say the least these are no go.

Now for some major WINS, Target you will always have my heart, even without incredible leggings. So, Target sells these amazing C9 Champion leggings. They are high waisted and hold...


I was watching a movie recently and the main character had a flashback of her childhood and remembered her mother singing and dancing in the kitchen. In this moment things became so clear to me. We over schedule ourselves and our children, not want to miss an opportunity. This is great, out children will experience more than we ever had a chance to. However, they might not remember the crazy elaborate things we plan, they may just remember how we sang while washing dishes or danced with them in the kitchen. Let remember to enjoy the little moments, cleaning and housework can wait, take time to make those memories!

What are some thing you remember from your childhood, things that maybe weren't significant moment but mean the most to you?


You feel crushed beneath its weight. You are carrying the weight of it on your shoulders. You and only you must carry it and no one ever ever helps… I am talking about your “mom-bag”!

First of all why do we carry all these things? We think we need to buy a bag to accommodate all of our “stuff”, but we are just buying a larger vessel for more “stuff”. What is in there? I have included a list of it's contents, no mom shaming, remember we are in this together.

So what's in this thing?... Ok, so we have

  • Wallet with 5 important cards and like 14 thousand club or perks cards

  • Ten pounds of needless receipts, for things like gas and Chick-fil-A and groceries. I can't return these things so why do I keep these?!

  • A sunglasses case

  • Perfume, and somehow I still feel like I stink

  • Backup battery or rocket something (I really don't know what it is called)

  • Placemats, like 7 and we have never used one

  • Altoids tin, containing 4 full crayons and one half crayon. Also, 3 marbles,...


Some days I don’t want to. Yes, that was the end of that sentence. I don’t want to. I don’t want to clean, wash, pickup, cook, listen to whining, break up fights, listen to their problems, I don’t want to mom. Let me explain, I love my littles, I love being a mom but somedays I don’t want to mom. Of course, if I don’t know one else will so I do it, slower and a little less cheery than normal, but I manage. This is a real thing for me, and when I have talked to other moms, it is real for them too. So, let's allow our selves to feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed, confused, conflicted, mad, scared, jealous (I am jealous he can have adult conversations all day, I know petty but true). We should allow ourselves to feel these emotions without feeling guilty because we are human. Humans have emotions and just because our job is keeping smaller crazier crankier humans alive does not make it less of a job and does not make those emotions less valid. We cover up our feeling, in my opinion, because of mom guilt (which is worse than Catholic guilt, or at least in my experience it is). Let’s...


Hey mama, let's chat for a minute. We love our bodies, or that’s what we say. But do we really? We are constantly looking at changing it, whether we chose to exercise or a little medical help, maybe Botox or a mystery potion, we slather everywhere. We are constantly judging that little roll, or stretch mark or hair where it wasn’t previously (by the way, how long was that long black hair there?!). We should stop looking in the mirror at the “imperfections” and look at the BEAUTY you are. That body has been through a lot, years of fun, laughter, and adventures. Maybe many personal abuses, drinks, sports, partying (parties that feel like they happened decades ago, but I woke up with the hangover just this morning). Your body grew a human or maybe two or more, A HUMAN, let that sink in. Maybe that little fart in a whirl wind, as my grandpa so lovely described, will be the next Plato, Einstein, Picasso, or Mother Teressa. Maybe not, but either way you single-handedly grew a human. It is time for you to look in that mirror and find true, unwavering, undeniable love for your old bag of...

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