15 Reasons Why I Love Body Back


15. Everyone in the class is potty trained.

14. The only yelling and screaming is the instructor and it’s not a temper – tantrum.

13. Hair not brushed and same clothes as last class? Perfectly acceptable.

12. The only bodily fluid you will have on you at the end will be sweat and it probably will be just yours!

11. Adult music. Catch up on the current “in” music from the last several years since toddler tunes.

10. Adult conversation! No need to google how to get your baby to sleep through the night, just wait till next class.

9. No stinky gym and arriving super early to wait on a cruel, cold waiting list, you always have a spot in class.

8. Plagued by that chocolate bar staring you in the face every day? Don’t worry, you get daily reminders on what to eat.

7. Want a place where people listen to you complain how sore your butt is from last night and “like” it.

6. Tired of the gym instructor not knowing your name? Body Back instructors know what you ate last night for dinner and even the size of your thigh!

5. Have to read the same Elmo book every night at bedtime? No worries, classes are centered around YOUR schedule.

4. You love your fellow moms at Stroller Strides so much that you have contemplated putting your 8 year old in a stroller. No need! You can grow old with the Body Back moms.

3. You want to give your kids the world. And you want to have the strength to do so. Plus you need muscles to fold up your double stroller and put it in the car!

2. You want to take care of YOURSELF, so that you can be around for your kids for a long long time.

1. You want to get your BODY BACK and YOUR identity back after having children and be in the best shape of your life! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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