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December's Mom of the Month

Salina is a dedicated Stroller Strides mama, working out with us since 2013!! Her co-pilots are her two sweet and spirited kiddos, Sydney and Zachary. Salina credits Stroller Strides with showing her that she is not alone on this journey through motherhood and has helped her teach her kiddos that exercise is fun!

Salina is a super hard worker and is an inspiration to everyone around her. She has made great strides in fitness, motherhood, and life, and we are so thankful that she is an integral part of Our Village!

Join us in congratulating Salina and read on to get to know her a little better, and find out the CRAZY reason she has a scar on her wrist and forearm!

Hometown (where you grew up): Garner, NC

Current part of the Triangle that you live in: Cary, NC

Education (optional): BS Biology, UNC, MS Fisheries and Wildlife Science, NCSU

Stroller Strides Member since: April 2013

Members of your Family: Husband Matthew, Children Sydney (4) and Zachary (2), Pet Cockatiels Mr. Katie and Sunshine

Tell us about your children: Sydney is adventurous, mischievous and strong-willed. She loves playing outside, ducks, and Paw Patrol. Zack is silly, sensitive and sweet with that independent streak that hits at two. He is currently obsessed with trash cans!

Current/previous Career: Formerly a research assistant at the Woodlot Forestry office in the NCSU College of Natural Resources

Currently an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and stay-at-home mom

What was your childhood ambition? To be a veterinarian

What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood is a blessing and gift that allows me the awesome responsibility of sharing in the miracle of creation- a miracle that is continually unfolding as my children each reach new milestones or make new discoveries.

What is the furthest you have been from home? Sydney, Australia

What has Stroller Strides done for you (or meant to you)? I owe a big thank you to Stroller Strides alum Elizabeth Scarborough for inviting me to my first class. Stroller Strides got me out of the house when I felt overwhelmed and trapped by naps and feeding schedules. The moms in our group have inspired me to get in shape and stay in shape. Coming to Stroller Strides classes has helped me develop a routine for my kids and has modeled for them that exercise can be fun. Most importantly, the other moms have shown me that I am not alone in my struggles.

What is your favorite exercise? Planking because it works so many different muscle groups.

What is your proudest moment? My proudest moment was digging deep and finding the strength to deliver Sydney after 2-1/2 hours of pushing. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life!

What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)? Reading, papercrafting, and bird-watching

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique. The scar on my left wrist and forearm is from a bear bite I sustained while working on a black bear research project during graduate school. The bear wasn’t too happy that I stuck him with a syringe full of tranquilizer.

If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say? My creativity, my attention to detail, and my attentiveness to making sure everyone in the family is well cared for.

What advice would you give to moms looking to get back into shape? Start slow and modify your workouts where necessary. Don’t be discouraged if you have to start out with low impact exercises or can’t complete all the reps. Stick with it and don’t give up!

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