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February's Mompreneur of the Month

With a MS in Environmental Management, selling home cleaning supplies was definitely not what Marcie saw herself doing! But after attending a Norwex party another Stroller Strides Mama held and trying the products out herself, Marcie quickly changed her tune! Always looking for safer and healthier ways to clean her home, Marcie knew this company was a great fit for her when she found out just how much the Norwex supports environmental initiatives she cares about! Marcie has enjoyed meeting new people, creating healthier homes and doing something great for the environment for 2 years now. If you want to get rid of those nasty chemicals, and have an easier time keeping your home cleaner for longer… reach out to Marcie and let her show you how!

A note from Marcie: February is a great time to fall back in love with cleaning! And since I love this village so much, I’d like to offer you ladies a great deal for hosting a Norwex presentation for some of your friends! Norwex is SO generous to hosts!! In addition to all the swag and product credit Norwex gives you for FREE, I am going to give you $40 additional credit* to spend however you like and a FREE Envirocloth right away to start using in your home!! Please reach out and ask me about how easy it is! Thanks for your consideration!

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