September's Mom of the Month

Congratulations to Rachel Peacock, our 'Mom of the Month' for September!

Rachel is a dedicated Stroller Strides mama, working out with us in Durham for the last year with her sweet kiddos, Hannah and Daniel.

Rachel recently moved back to the US after living abroad for 10 years... check out the full interview to see where she lived! Rachel is a super hard worker and is an inspiration to everyone around her. She has made great strides in fitness, motherhood, and life, and we are so thankful that she is an integral part of Our Village!

Join us in congratulating Rachel and read on to get to know her a little better!Mom of the Month Questions:

Hometown (where you grew up): I grew up in Simsbury, CT but I was born in Worcester, MA.

Current part of the Triangle that you live in: I currently live in southwest Cary.

Education (optional): I graduated from Brandeis University with a Bachelors Degree in biology and I completed a Masters Degree in environmental science from University of Sydney.

Stroller Strides Member since: January 2016

Members of your Family: My husband Mark, son Daniel (4) and daughter Hannah (21 months)

Tell us about your children: Daniel is a creative, sensitive and active little boy who is incredibly caring and loves to draw and play with dinosaurs. Hannah is becoming a little firecracker - she has a wicked sense of humor and loves to cuddle, dance and play with her big brother, oh and she has an ear-piercing scream which she is not afraid to use!

Current/previous Career: I worked as an Environmental Policy Officer for the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (an Australian State government agency) for 8 years before moving back to the US last year.

What was your childhood ambition? I wanted to save the rainforest after going to the Bronx Zoo in NYC.

What does motherhood mean to you? I love being a mom to Daniel and Hannah. While there are definite challenges, it's been an incredible experience to be molding these two kids into people that will go out into the world one day.

What is the furthest you have been from home? I lived in Australia for nearly 10 years.

What does Stroller Strides do for you (or mean to you)? Stroller Strides has given me the perfect means of exercising and meeting other moms. Having moved to the area without any local support network, building my 'village' was a slow process, but Stroller Strides has helped me feel connected and supported while far from family and friends.

What is your favorite exercise? I kinda love burpees!

What is your proudest moment? I stood up to a bully while I was giving a presentation for work. It was terrifying at the time, but I was proud of myself for politely addressing his 'concerns' and finishing the presentation.

What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)? I love coffee, baking and going out for breakfast.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or makes you unique. I was always a homebody, scared to be too far from home. After college, I went traveling with a couple of my friends, which is where I met my husband on a bus tour. We went our separate ways after the tour, but reunited in Australia about a year later.

If we asked your spouse what they think your best qualities are, what would they say? I think Mark would say that I'm a kind and trustworthy person.

What advice would you give to moms looking to get back into shape? Find a friend who will keep you accountable!

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